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The Oxford and Cambridge Society of Hamburg is a society endorsed by the Universities. As a society endorsed by the Universities, we are obliged to have a record of the full name, first college and university affiliation, and year of matriculation of all our members. If you would like to become a member of our society, we therefore require this information from you.

As a prospective member, we would also like to ask you about your degree subject and your current place of work so that we can develop a picture of the interests and capabilities in the Society; we are, however, not required to hold this further data and you are - as a matter of course - under no obligation to provide us with it. If you decide not to share this information with us, we will not follow up on it.

Specifically, we would be very interested in learning about your subject area. If you would like to, please tell us which subject(s) you studied/taught at Oxford or Cambridge; we would also be interested to learn of any publications you produced during postgraduate research.

Moreover, in order to better understand our members' careers since leaving, we would like to find out which organisation you are currently working for or if you are self-employed (and in what field).

Do not hesitate to ask for a copy of the Universities data protection agreements if you would like to find about how information regarding you will be stored and used.